Talks and Posters – info

Abstracts. All participants registered for the AFM2018 have received a link via email.

Short talks

Please note that of the 15 minutes allocated in the schedule for each talk 8 min are reserved for the talk and the remaining part is used for questions (and for changing speaker). Presentation laptops will be available, and presenters are encouraged to transfer their presentations (from USB or external drive etc.) prior to the start of their session.


Poster screens will be numbered with the corresponding abstract number. A list of all posters will be available on the homepage shortly as well as displayed in the lecture hall at Vildmarkshotellet upon your arrival.                                                                          The poster screens are approx. 90 cm wide and it will be possible to put posters up starting from the 21st (prior to social activity and dinner), or upon arrival on the 22nd.